Beach Bum Beauty

room, body, facial, + linen mist

$18.00 USD

Our Body, room and linen mists offer an effortless, mist with a long lasting fragrance! Use daily on your bedsheets, pillows, linens or anywhere in the home that needs a bit of a refresh. 

Our mists are not just for room & linen refresh but for your body too! Simply spray on your body or clothing and smell like your favorite scent for hours! 

We have curated a blend of properties that offers long lasting aroma, sanitizing properties and it’s all safe for your skin. 

SIZE: 3.5 oz , 100 ML 

How to use:

Spray a few sprays directly to desired area to quickly refresh a space or linens. 

Spray directly on skin and allow to absorb.

*avoid eyes, external use only* 
If product comes in contact with eyes, rinse with water & seek medical attention.

Fragrance lasts longer if sprayed directly on fabrics. 
* Formula does contain alcohol, ensure spot testing on delicate fabrics, leather etc before use**


Skin safe fragrance oil, witch hazel, polyoxyethylene, alcohol. 


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