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About Us

Welcome to Beach Bum Beauty: Where Luxury Meets Innovation

About Us:

At Beach Bum Beauty, we're more than just candles – we're the culmination of passion, creativity, and innovation. Founded in 2019 by Ashley, our CEO and owner, Beach Bum Beauty was born out of a desire for scents that truly resonate and provide an unforgettable experience. What started as a personal journey soon evolved into a commitment to crafting candles that redefine the ordinary.

Our Journey: 

In a world where ordinary is easily accessible, we dared to be different. Ashley's dedication to quality and uniqueness led her on a journey of extensive research and experimentation. The result? A candle collection that not only ignites your senses but elevates your expectations.

What Sets Us Apart: 

  • Luxurious Transformation: Our candles are crafted to transcend traditional boundaries. We've seamlessly blended all-natural ingredients with soy, creating candles that double as massage oils. Indulge in a moment of luxury as our candles transform, igniting your senses and nourishing your skin.

  • Captivating Fragrances: With over 24 distinct fragrance options, our scents are designed to evoke emotions, memories, and joy. From tranquil notes to invigorating blends, our fragrances are thoughtfully curated to cater to every preference.

  • Quality at Every Step: Every Beach Bum Beauty candle is meticulously hand-poured in micro batches. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each creation is a testament to quality, care, and attention to detail.

  • Sustainability: Our ethos extends beyond crafting exceptional candles. We're committed to sourcing materials responsibly and using skin-safe, toxin-free fragrance oils, natural soy wax, and cotton wicks. All materials are sourced within the USA, aligning with our dedication to sustainability.

  • Elevated Aesthetics: Our vessels are more than containers; they're a reflection of our commitment to elegance. Matte black and white jars are paired with understated labels, creating a visual and tactile experience that complements our luxurious scents.

Experience Beach Bum Beauty: 

We invite you to experience the transformation that is Beach Bum Beauty. Explore our collection, discover fragrances that resonate, and indulge in the luxurious world we've curated. Every candle is an invitation to immerse yourself in scents that elevate, moments that connect, and an experience that lingers.

Welcome to a world where creativity meets innovation, and every candle tells a unique story. Welcome to Beach Bum Beauty.


CEO & Owner, Beach Bum Beauty