Thank you for stopping by and wanting to know more about us!

I’m Ashley, CEO & owner of Beach Bum Beauty. 

Beach Bum Beauty was founded in 2019 & was just a little hobby for me. Like everyone else I would run to my local candle store and pick up some smell goods but it just wasn’t giving what I was looking for in a candle. After tons of research and experimenting it just seemed logical to create my own. I mean why not?!? But, I just knew that I had to stand out, not be just a typical candle that you can buy anywhere but to spice it up. Add a dash of luxury, a pinch of intimacy & a whole lot of smell good & that’s when my candle company came alive. 

So what makes us different you might be wondering. Our candles are nothing short of unique. They can be used on your skin! Yes, it’s super cool & different! We combined all natural ingredients with our soy to let our candles transform into a massage oil. We offer over 24 amazing different fragrance options; there’s sure to be one (or a few) that you fall in love with. Just like soy candles they last for up to 45 hours! It’s simple & easy to use. 

All candles are hand poured in micro batches to ensure a quality product each time. Skin safe toxin free fragrance oils, natural soy wax, cotton wicks, no dyes and a combination of natural oils creates our candles. Our vessels are chosen to provide a luxurious feel, matte black and glossy white jars compliment their simplistic label. All materials are sourced in the USA.

A vegan, natural, luxurious candle option that will create an experience.

Now that you are excited about trying something so different, Experience it for yourself, the luxury you deserve.