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Discovery Set

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Explore your senses with our Discovery Set! This set includes 3 mini candles, allowing you to discover new scents that may become your new favorites. Experience the power of our massage candles and indulge in a world of delightful aromas. Perfect for those who crave adventure and variety in their fragrance collection!


No. 1 [zen] 

Green tea & Lemongrass

Need to relax? This perfect blend of green tea and lemon grass sets a revitalizing & exotic atmosphere for relaxation and renewal. Having a stressful day lighting this candle will put your mind and body at ease. True to it's name "zen" it emphasizes the value of meditation & a relaxed energy.


Top: Green Tea, Lemongrass, Orange
Middle: Green Floral, Jasmine
Base: Orange Blossom, Cedar, Powder


No.2 [woody]

Mahogany Teakwood

A scent both men & women love. A soft yet masculine aroma but with hints of floral notes to round out the sweet woodsy smell. Our rendition of Mahogany Teakwood.

Top: Green, Citrus, Fruit
Middle: Jasmine, Rose, Lily of the Valley 
Base: Wood, Musk


No.3 [earth]

Seasalt & Sage

Earthy sage & beachy sea salt makes this fragrance a best of both worlds of the land and the sea. A sophisticated scent that will bring you a spiritual yet lively scent. 

Top: musk, floral, 
Middle: citrus, sea salt
Base: wood, amber, sage


No. 6 [ocean]

Sea Salt & Orchid

A splash of ocean water with elegant floral notes of the beautiful orchid. A calm yet crisp aroma of a sophisticated and spa like feel. Relax and unwind with this versatile spring/ beach scent.

Top: Sea salt, ozone
Middle: Jasmine, lily of the valley, green leaves
Base: wood, Tonka bean


No. 9 [rare]

Sweet & Sexy! A floral & fruity combo mixed in a martini glass with ice. This one is a rare combo that will have you wanting to take the scent with you everywhere you go. And you can! Let it melt and rub some of the wax on your wrists and your good to go. A perfume scent with out the overpowering aroma.

Top: Firery pomegranate, rare French peach, apple
Middle: Red peony, night marigold, red osmanthus
Base: Rich vanilla rum, velvety marshmallow, oak wood


No. 10 [golden]

French Lavender & Honey

Fresh & Warm. Take a walk through the fields and allow the wild honey scent to mingle with lavender and create a magical dance. Middle & Base notes of the greens and wood gives it the warm and cozy feel. 

Top: Lavender  
Middle: Green, fern, honey
Base: Sandalwood


No. 13 [naked]

Creamy Vanilla

After your foreplay the next step would be to get naked. Naked is simplistic yet a helping hand in undressing with its comforting and relaxing notes. None other than the well known aphrodisiac Vanilla. Simple, classic, sweet ,light and sugary. Help each other get "naked" with this candle after the foreplay.

Top: Buttercream
Middle: Vanilla, cake
Base: Sugar, burbon


No. 21[oak]


The perfect scent for the perfect gentleman. A warm woody blend of red oak, cedar, & musk creating a magically masculine scent. Reminds us of a hiking adventure in the woods on a cool fall day.

Top: Bergamont, lemon, sage, aldehydes, berry
Middle: Geranium, lavender, orange blossom, clove, nutmeg, pimento, oak
Base: Cedarwood, patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, musk, coffee

No. 540

No. 540 is an exquisite olfactory experience, hand-crafted with rare blends of baccarat rouge 540 dupe, jasmine, saffron, amber, and cedar. One whiff of this captivating scent will have you enchanted and reminiscing about luxury and sophistication. An elusive fragrance, No. 540 is sure to become your signature scent.


Top: Saffron, Jasmine
Heart: Warm Amberwood, Ambergis
Base: Fir resin, Australian cedar






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Discovery Set
Discovery Set Sale price$44.00 Regular price$48.00

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